Yet Another Lockdown — What’s an Artist to Do?

Sentiments as we confront demanding months ahead, yet again. The outlook is good with new findings showing we are 25% less likely to die of the virus than in March of this year (recent figures from Il, and the success of several new vaccines due for distribution mid January. From my window looking out on a beautiful fall day I am surrounded by the spring and summer artistic output stacking the walls. With winter fast approaching, the outlook is grim for social interaction, events and a life that up ’til now we have taken for granted.

Patrizia A. Salles Autumn 1 Four Seasons Series Acrylic on jute. Painted in 2020 during Covid-19 lockdown in Italy
Autumn 1 — from the Covid-19 Four Seasons Series / 2020 / 180 x 80 cm / Acrylic on jute

We want to move forward, but we can’t help but look back as we are given another opportunity in standing still. When one is constantly on the move, one doesn’t have (or take) time to reflect — about the good parts and bad — what is most precious and the way forward. Look at these moments for what they are: a gift of time as we reshuffle priorities to invent and create anew. And, with a void in the external forces that typically inspire, may that fount be found from within.

In retrospect, remind yourself of the successes you’ve experienced even though at the conclusion and confusion of this year they may appear distant and small.

Thank you all for the support you have shown me over the years. In advance I wish you all the love and joy for the upcoming holidays, though we may be connecting with most of our family online this year. Take care and be safe.

Citizen of the world with a unique approach to life and the nature of things. Impassioned artist, marketer, writer, yoga enthusiast

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